Client Successes

Client Successes

Ms. Ames has successfully worked with clients in the 65 industries listed below.  Whether the client has won a Grammy, holds Chevalier status, or is newly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she works on an one-to-one basis with the client to present the strongest case possible.  (The Office’s victories include an 18-year O-1 applicant; an art consultant who has skills in six disciplines and recent undergraduate students, among others.)

Ms. Ames’ strategy to win her client’s case is based around five principles:

1. Being a responsive, conscientious and approachable attorney.

2. Communicating frequently with clients, whether in person, on Skype, phone or email, and striving for same day response.

3. Helping clients identify their professional/personal goals and creating a plan to achieve them that is consistent with their visa status.

4. Streamlining the visa process to efficiently compile the client’s case.

5. Yet, if Ms. Ames believes a client is not eligible for a visa category, she will suggest ways that the client may become qualified in the future, if possible.

Existing Client Base

For a variety of visas in the arts, employment, business, construction, investment, family and other areas, Ms. Ames has represented clients from around the world and their employers in the U.S., as follows: 

Clients in the Arts:


Performance Arts:                 Visual Arts:                 Film and TV:                      Design:

Dancers                                Museums                       Directors                             IT Specialists
Choreographers                    Art Galleries                  Producers                           Architects & Engineers
Record Labels                       Curators                       TV Hosts                              Sound Engineers/Designers
Performance Artists              Visual Artists                Entertainment Law Firms    Animators
Actors                                 Tattoo Artists               Agents                                 New Media Artists
Comedians                          Installations Artists      Talent Managers                  Graphic Designers
Musicians                            Art Appraisers              Cinematographers               Art Directors
Vocalist                               Photographers             Voice-over Specialists          Set Designers
Songwriters & Composers                                         Screenwriters                       Stylists


Clients in Finance, Medical, Education and Others:


Finance:                               Medical:                          Education:                        Others:


Executives                          Surgeons                        Professors                         Chefs/Restaurateurs
Risk Management                 Physicians                         High Schools                       Fashion Models
Hedge Fund Managers          Researchers                       Elementary Schools            Brand Specialists
Venture Capitalists              Speech Therapists              Pre-Schools                        Equine Trainers
Investment Bankers              Nurses                            Universities                        Organic Farmers
HR Specialist                      Health Care Attendants       Arts Organizations                Contractors
HR Marketers & Sales            Yoga Specialists                 Conservatories                     Trades People
Accountants                       Homeopathic Healers         Writers                               Housekeepers
Marketers                                                                     Editors                               Religious Organizations
                                                                                   Musical Educators                Child Advocates