The Consultation Process

Our consultation process.

The Consultation Process

How we work:

A consultation is a one-on-one meeting with Attorney Ames in person, via Skype or by phone, and lasts one hour or more.  During the consultation, she reviews all visa options; evidence; time frame; cost; likelihood of success; legal issues; answers all questions; creates a strategy; and sets deadline around visa expiration, graduation, work projects, or travel plans.  Ms. Ames and her team are available for questions from employers, petitioners, families, agents or investors.  Typically, Ms. Ames returns phone calls and e-mails on the same day.

Ms. Ames provides a flat fee retainer price at the consultation so clients can budget for the visa costs, and she credits the consultation feetoward the retainer agreement.  The Office accepts credit cards, bank transfers, checks or cash.

What you get:

Following the consultation:

The Law Office sends you a retainer agreement describing what was discussed at the consultation. 

Next, she creates a detailed list outlining evidence needed and providing guidance on the contents of the letters.  She also reviews all evidence and aids with creating a strong resume reflecting a client's achievements in the US and globally. 

Then, her office staff writes a detailed cover letter and exhibit list citing your evidence for the immigration officer who reviews your case. 

Last, the office monitors the case and seek its approval before USCIS.  

Once approved, we assist the client with consular processing and visa issuance, or crossing the US border with an approval notice.