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Welcome to our Law Office

With over 20 years of specialized immigration practice, Ms. Ames has successfully filed hundreds of O-1 and EB-1A visas for extraordinary ability in the arts, education, business and science, as well as hundreds of H-1B, L-1A and L-1B, OPT, and J visas. With more than two decades of experience handling all aspects of immigration law, she has successfully advocated on behalf of artist, business and family applications across the visa alphabet — before USCIS, at consulates around the world, in Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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The Consultation Process

During the consultation, Ms. Ames reviews all visa options; evidence; time frame; cost; likelihood of success; legal issues; answers all questions; creates a strategy; and sets achievable deadlines around each client and their specific visa expirations, graduations, work projects, or travel plans.

Visit our hands-on law office to find why so many extraordinarily talented foreign nationals and corporate HR departments choose Ms. Ames for personalized attention and enviable success rates.

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Client Success means everything to us 

Ms. Ames has successfully worked with clients in over 65 industries. Whether the client is coming off OPT with just a Bachelor of Arts degree, has won a Grammy Award, or holds Chevalier status, Ms. Ames works on a one-to-one basis with each client to present the strongest case possible.

Ms. Ames has been successful in many O-1 and other petitions for which other attorneys could not see the winning angles. Find out how to put your best foot forward to showcase your abilities.

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